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"Nothing holds me back now!"

Dina Chavez, 40, was overwhelmed by exhaustion, stress and brain fog - until she discovered the shocking culprit and the simple tweaks that turned her life around 


April 1, 2019 - Volume 31, Issue 13



Watch the interview with SixChel founder, Dina Chavez on Studio512, KXAN Austin, TX


 A SHIFT IN DESIGN: A Life-Change Changes a Trendsetter

by: Daniel Ramirez, Texas Lifestyle Magazine


Peaceful Dumpling

What Women Get Wrong about "Ideal Beauty" by Dina Chavez

"Before I continue, please know that there is nothing wrong with loving your outer beauty or wanting to maintain it. As a woman who works in the fashion industry and is also a lover of beauty products, I know how easy it is to think about your outer beauty. The issue I have with obsessing over your physical beauty alone is that all too often, it consumes us to the point that we can no longer see ourselves as the beauties we are. We forget that what truly highlights our outer beauty is all the greatness we possess inside our souls." 



"This could have been where the story ends, but it isn’t. Instead of giving in, Dina used her experience as motivation for improving the environment around her in the ways that she could. She took her pain, and turned it into power. While she couldn’t become a scientist, and she couldn’t find an answer for why tragedy hit her family, she could use the talents she already had as a force for good. She knew she had to try to improve the world the best way she knew how, through fashion. After working in fashion for so many years she knew the huge pollution caused by the industry, both harmful for the earth and people on it, and decided she no longer wanted to contribute to the toxins created by fast fashion. She closed her company and spent the next year creating and building a new brand to operate as ethically, sustainably and positively as possible." - Ethical Unicorn 


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