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About Us

Who We Are

SixChel is an Austin, TX based fashion brand for the modern woman. We focus our designs and products to support the sustainability of our planet. Each piece created with preservation and feminine style in mind, delivering a look that’s unique, proud, chic and can be worn with everyday ease.

Why Sustainable

After years spent building my own fashion label from the ground up, a family tragedy led me to reevaluate life – and business – as I’d always known it. I closed that company, and spent 1 year creating an entirely new brand focused on apparel that’s made ethically and as sustainably as possible. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributing factors to our Earth’s pollution Working in the fashion industry for a number of years, and experiencing all the components of building a fashion line, I realized that I could not add to the pollution and toxins the fast-fashion industry had created.

Our Mission

SixChel is committed to focusing on slow-fashion principles as well as using the finest sustainable fabrics to produce clothes with a purpose. As we continue to grow, our knowledge of sustainability and ethical practices will also grow. SixChel is dedicated to finding the best options to provide you with the best sustainable clothes and made in great working conditions.

Our Values

Certain components became more important as I learned about fashion and worked in the industry. I quickly became aware of the negative connotation the fashion industry had created about women and knew I wanted my brand to be a positive force women could feel proud to wear and support. SixChel encourages woman empowerment and believes that by supporting the diversity amongst women, we will create a positive and acceptable environment for all women who seek comfort in sustainable and stylish clothes.

SixChel is proud to say we are cut & sewn in NY.

Founder Bio


Dina Chavez is the founder and designer of SixChel, an ethical and sustainable fashion brand for the modern woman. She studied Costume Design at The University of Texas-Austin and Fashion Design at The Academy of Art University. Ms. Chavez’s looks have been shown at New York Fashion Week, Fashion X Austin, Fashion X Houston, Fashion X Dallas, The Pin Show (Dallas, TX), The Gotham City Films Studio (Los Angeles, CA) and have been created for Austin based rockstar, Kimberly Freeman for the Grammy Awards.