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What You Wear Matters

As a fashion brand, SixChel demonstrates the philosophy that doing good can look as good as it feels. These are garments that are meant to be worn for real life- for work and play, for as many different occasions as you can imagine, and to be mixed and matched with the wardrobe you already own. -Laura Madden

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A Note from our Founder and Remake Ambassador, Dina Chavez: Why I Am Passionate About Sustainable Fashion

Simply put, I am passionate about sustainable fashion because I believe addressing our basic need to wear clothes can be a fun and creative pursuit of expression; one that doesn’t harm people or the planet, but instead adds great value to our lives and to the lives of each person who contributes to making these special pieces. 

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6 Sun-protective Items You Will Love Having with You at the Beach

We searched the web for products with high SPF and UPF 50+ protection and are sharing our 6 favorite with you down below. Remember, the Skin Cancer Foundation tells us, "clothing is our first line of defense against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and protects us by absorbing or blocking much of this radiation. The more skin you cover, the better".

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5 Non-toxic Athletic-wear Brands You Need to Try Right Now from the Personal List of Our Founder, Dina Chavez

What? The clothes I work out in (or wear all day because they are so comfortable) are toxic? Yup, just like how we eat organic food because "regular" food has so many chemicals in them they cause harm to ourselves, so do clothes. Non-organic or "regular" clothes are filled with toxic chemicals that have been linked to causing ill-health from minor issues like brain fog or fatigue to being a factor to terminal illnesses such as cancer. So, what do we do since it is nearly impossible to just chunk our clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe? Start looking for fashion brands that are made of organic fabric and have non-toxic dye in them. Usually. labels like Standard 100 by OKEO...

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How to Get Over a Fear and Find Confidence Through an Unexpected Opportunity

A year ago, I was living in a cloud of confusion, self-doubt and lacked confidence in all I did, but staying on task brought an unexpected opportunity that made me confront a fear and just in time for my 40th birthday. 2019 marked a milestone I never thought I would reach and definitely never thought I would go through without my sister by my side - you truly never get over the loss of a loved one. So as the year began, I truly didn't have excitement for it at all. It seemed there wasn't one thing in my life that brought excitement and bliss until an unexpected opportunity came through a few days into the new year that brought a wave...

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