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5 Non-toxic Athletic-wear Brands You Need to Try Right Now from the Personal List of Our Founder, Dina Chavez

What? The clothes I work out in (or wear all day because they are so comfortable) are toxic? Yup, just like how we eat organic food because "regular" food has so many chemicals in them they cause harm to ourselves, so do clothes. Non-organic or "regular" clothes are filled with toxic chemicals that have been linked to causing ill-health from minor issues like brain fog or fatigue to being a factor to terminal illnesses such as cancer. So, what do we do since it is nearly impossible to just chunk our clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe? Start looking for fashion brands that are made of organic fabric and have non-toxic dye in them. Usually. labels like Standard 100 by OKEO...

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How to Get Over a Fear and Find Confidence Through an Unexpected Opportunity

A year ago, I was living in a cloud of confusion, self-doubt and lacked confidence in all I did, but staying on task brought an unexpected opportunity that made me confront a fear and just in time for my 40th birthday. 2019 marked a milestone I never thought I would reach and definitely never thought I would go through without my sister by my side - you truly never get over the loss of a loved one. So as the year began, I truly didn't have excitement for it at all. It seemed there wasn't one thing in my life that brought excitement and bliss until an unexpected opportunity came through a few days into the new year that brought a wave...

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Do you know who made your clothes? Meet the people who made our Capsule Collection

I knew from the moment I had the idea of owning my own fashion label, ethics was going to be the driving force behind it. I chose to celebrate the American worker and the great industry that was developed here at the start of the industrial revolution (yes, America is responsible for RTW) and has evolved into one of greater practices. Fashion production is not perfect in the US, (LA has improvements to work on) but having access to the factory and the people making our clothes is key to assuring our collections are produced in good working conditions. This is Han Lee, he over saw the production of the Capsule Collection at Fine Line Studio in Manhattan, New York. Han...

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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Launching a Fashion Brand on Kickstarter

This article was originally posted on the Factory45 blog on August 23, 2017.   This is a guest post by Factory45’er Dina Chavez who launched a Kickstarter campaign this spring for her womenswear line SixChel. Dina raised over $17,000, exceeding her goal amount, and learned a lot along the way. Today she’s sharing her “do’s and don’ts” for launching a sustainable fashion brand through crowdfunding. Here’s Dina:   -Shannon, Founder of Factory45   It’s been about a month and a half since the launch of my fashion brand’s first sustainable capsule collection via Kickstarter.   The campaign was definitely a whirlwind, but now that the dust has settled and we are at the beginning stages of production, we have been...

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What Women Get Wrong About “Ideal Beauty” – A Fashion Designer Explains

But rather than thinking we should try to put our physical appearance out of mind, I believe that self-love comes from a marriage of finding appreciation for your physical beauty and cherishing your inner beauty. That may be easier said than done, but my career has encouraged me to reconsider my views about my physical beauty and helped me value it more, leading to greater self-love. -Dina Chavez, Founder & Designer of SixChel for Peaceful Dumpling

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